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Experience the greatest insight into your projects with engineering document workflows and collaboration. Manage the design, construction and commissioning of any capital engineering project - regardless of size, complexity or industrial scale.

Identifying issues ahead of time, while engaging with complex supply chains and under budget and time pressures, is crucial for any engineering Project Manager. Opidis delivers collaboration and intelligent insight for more effective management of capital projects. By empowering EPCs and Owner Operators to make the best management decisions, risks are minimized and productivity and up-time are maximized.


Document Control

Document Control

Bring consistency across your projects with automatic numbering, multiple schemes, bulk loading, error handling and rollback. Support for different taxonomies and processes for varying project scale and complexity offer greater control. Accelerate the creation of the master document register with placeholder documents and the pre-allocation of document numbers.

Deliverables Management

With pressure to deliver on time, on schedule and on budget, our flexible business processes ensure an efficient, parallel review process. Automatic conversions to pdf, and electronic approvals and signatures automate your processes and reduce review efforts to meet timelines and increase efficiency.

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Working in remote locations in tough conditions requires the ability to perform key tasks on mobile devices. Engineers with limited connectivity or those working on the move need to be able to access their project documents anytime, anywhere. Support for Windows, Apple and Android devices removes the need for paper in project commissioning.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is being adopted more widely. Our solutions allow storage, retrieval and version control of 3D BIM models throughout the asset lifecycle. Share and update models under managed change control and integrate with leading tools, including Solibri, Tekla BIMsight and Autodesk Revit. Expand your use of BIM without re-engineering your existing processes.

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Intelligent Search

Search in new ways and easily find the correct document by metadata, content or tag numbers found within drawings. Engineers can navigate through the drawing base using intelligent P&ID links, ensuring the most relevant information is quick to hand, even on mobile devices.

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Transmittals Management

A fully structured but efficient approach to managing communications. The flexible transmittals portal features coversheets, a distribution matrix and customizable metadata, offering control over your documents and supporting future compatibility. External supplier collaboration is built-in and full tracking and reporting allows overdue transmittal acknowledgements and responses to be identified quickly.


Drive productivity, profitability and performance with dashboards and reports. An instant view of all activities provides business-critical insights into your project progress, and helps avoid delays, identify bottlenecks quicker and deliver better updates to your senior management.

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Specifically designed for system and sub-system commissioning, the Opidis tablet-based tool speeds up your processes by 50%. Replacing paper-based processes, Opidis offers quicker and more accurate communication with your supply chain, removes re-keying of information and offers greater insight into project progress.

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Handover Management

Enable smoother transitions with configurable handover process steps and a separate filing structure within your system. Meet project deadlines and contractual obligations with tracked submission dates, and ensure vendor and supplier document metadata meets business rules with validation tools. An advanced review process allows comments and markups on documents to be collated and returned to external parties for further revision with change management built in.



Drawing Management

Reduce errors and re-work and enjoy improved drawing accuracy, better reference handling, efficient bulk loading and hybrid drawing support. Have confidence in your drawings with title block synchronization, nested drawing references and workflows with direct access to the CAD working environment.

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