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For Owner Operators and EPCs, successful execution of complex capital projects requires performance-driven engineering, coupled with the use of innovative software. FusionLive, a cloud-based collaborative solution, accelerates your project delivery to drive cost efficiencies, reduce delays and improve profit margins. With over 25 years’ experience, Opidis has worked with leading engineering companies around the world to understand the complexities of the project challenges they face and how to overcome these.

Smart Project Collaboration

A common, shared environment from the supply chain to the Owner Operator. Customizable folders facilitate project breakdown with documents searched and located in seconds.

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Document Control

Smart Document Control

Accelerate review and document turnaround periods and simplify the submission process for vendors, automate distribution, and reduce data entry for document control.

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Smart Project Dashboards

Delivering insight into every aspect of your project's health to act quickly and resolve issues. Track late vendors, reviewers and respond to submittals ready to be returned and alert Project Managers to the latest information.

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FusionLive transforms the way every team member works – from project directors to document controllers and engineers – allowing everyone to share a common view, ensuring decisions are made using the right information, at the right time.

Why FusionLive?

  • Reduce overall project delivery time by up to 20%
  • Start projects up to five times faster
  • Accelerate vendor document turnaround by up to 50%
  • RFIs reduced from seven to three days
  • 20% increase in worker productivity
  • Increase project performance and reduce risk around contractual obligations
  • Decrease dispute phase
  • Supply complete, accurate master document and tag register at handover
  • System up and running in as little as two weeks
  • Unrivalled customer support
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Further information

FusionLive provides a flexible, accountable and mobile solution for your engineering projects.

Case Study

TORXEN: Driving secure data storage and efficient management of more than 200,000 engineering documents

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Opidis awarded contract by Wood to implement document management cloud

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