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Leading EPCs are taking advantage of our industry-leading technology to monitor the progress of their projects. Dashboards ensure the design process stays on track, teams can react faster to problems and ensure contractual compliance is maintained. Our cloud technology means your project can be up and running within a week.


Cloud-Based Deliverables Management

Take control of your engineering project deliverables and drill down into your data with powerful dashboards

Is there anything more valuable than insight into project health?

Experience insight into every aspect of your projects with powerful dashboards to drill down into your data and allow your document controllers to act to resolve issues.

Expedite overdue activities

Expedite overdue activities

Identify at a glance documents overdue to you or to your client, and escalate to ensure compliance with your contractual obligations.

Track project status 

Track project status

Confirm project deliverables are on track and plan resources more effectively with look ahead reports showing forecasted team workload.

Monitor vendor performance 

Monitor vendor performance

Monitor the on-time delivery of vendor documents along with the quality of the documents they are submitting to identify recurring issues or poor performance.

Monitor team performance

Monitor team performance

Avoid slippages and highlight bottlenecks by monitoring team performance at every stage of the deliverables management process.

Analyze project trends 

Analyze project trends

View monthly summaries of data over the length of the project to monitor changes in performance, use of resources and progress against forecasted activity.

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Streamline the Deliverables Management process

Opidis has worked with global EPC and Owner Operator customers to understand the complexities of the challenges they face and how they can drive efficiencies.

Together we have developed an innovative platform that transforms the way every member of the team works – from project directors to document controllers and engineers – allowing everyone to share a common view, ensuring decisions are made using the right information at the right time. With automated processes and reduced data entry teams are more efficient and managers can use the insight from the dashboards to be proactive rather than reactive.








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Webinar: Five key reports that will keep your engineering projects on track.

For EPCs and Owner Operators, keeping projects on time is their number one priority. Watch the webinar to learn how teams are changing the way they work together – from project directors to document controllers and engineers.


Smart document management

Helping EPCs and Owner Operators anticipate project reworks and delays

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