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Connecting teams, increasing efficiency and reducing re-work with Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Within project teams there can be a lack of access to information. With several different players – subcontractors, structural engineers and clients – accessing disparate information from multiple sources, keeping track of tasks and deadlines, and ensuring that team members have the latest information are all common challenges.

Our cloud platform delivers an end-to-end solution for BIM models, 2D drawings and other project documentation. Models uploaded are automatically made available within the BIM portal, allowing model visualization, review, merging and issue resolution. Models can be stored alongside other project documentation, simplifying access, collaboration and removing the need to manually upload the model to multiple information silos.

With our BIM Module: 

  • Improve overall cost and schedule control by connecting teams through BIM
  • Simplify model access and review with powerful visualization
  • Increase collaboration on issues with simple options to add, organize and share
  • Easily track project performance and issue resolution with KPI dashboards
  • Maintain open standards and interoperability with IFC, BCF and COBie support
  • Enhance control and compliance with workflows, auditing and notifications

BIM Module

Connecting teams, increasing efficiency and reducing re-work

Learn more about our cloud-based end-to-end solution for BIM.

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