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Make smarter use of your engineering resources - move from manual tag extraction to automated digitization

For cost-sensitive projects and asset operations, manually extracting tags from documents isn’t a viable option. To achieve speed and accuracy, an automated solution is the only way to go.


Extract hundreds of tags from documents in just seconds

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Save millions of dollars on manual tag extraction from legacy content

Accelerate brownfield digitalization by up to 80%


Increase tag data accuracy and completeness for asset handover by 50%

For Operations Engineers working in asset-intensive industries, missing or incorrect tag data results in spending significant amounts of time searching for content before work can proceed. Generating trusted tag to document relationships is a fundamental step in any brownfield asset digitalization journey. The challenge is not just isolated to content for legacy assets, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of tag data at project handover is an ongoing and significant overhead. 

Opidis' tag extraction tools can help:


Tag data can be captured from P&IDs, isometrics, datasheets, plot plants, electrical loop diagrams and more.


Accurate ‘tag-to-document’ relationships can be established and easily tracked for project reporting.


Check against an existing master tag register or generate a new one from the extracted information.

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Locating critical information is faster and easier with tag-centric searching.

Man and Cog

Multiple tag standards are supported across equipment, instrumentation, line number, nozzle, pipeline and more.


Realize the value of your existing EAM or EDMS solutions and move towards a data-centric view.

Generate doc

PDFs are generated with hot spot links for in-content navigation.

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Reduce the risk of handover delays associated with inaccurate and incomplete data.

Benefits for EPCs: 

  • Remove the need for manual tag extraction on vendor documents
  • Save up to 80% of the time associated with manual tag extraction
  • Improved tag accuracy and completeness
  • Easily track tag-to-document relationship progress for project reporting
  • Improved handover efficiency and confidence

Benefits for Owner Operators: 

  • Trusted tag data in operational solutions
  • Increased searchability and accessibility of engineering content
  • Save up to 80% of the time associated with manual tag extraction
  • Increased operational productivity
  • Improve tag accuracy and control
  • Improved handover efficiency and confidence

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