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With extensive experience delivering tailored solutions for asset-intensive industries, Owner Operators and EPCs work with Opidis to manage all their engineering content.

Opidis solutions and expertise deliver benefits across sectors. For any asset-intensive project, Opidis offers a collaborative solution to manage, control and share all documentation and drawings – on site, in the field or in remote locations with limited connectivity. Whether your business is energy generation, construction of roads and railways, or manufacturing pharmaceuticals, we have a track record of success that reinforces our capability to serve your project.

Electricity pylons

Energy & Utilities

The Energy & Utilities sector must implement strict document control processes to support regulatory compliance. Opidis ensures access to reliable and accurate asset information to maintain efficient, safe and profitable operations and plant availability for energy generation, transmission and distribution utilities. Accelerate project completion, improve management of change and decrease maintenance time and cost for efficient and profitable operations.

Oil platform

Oil & Gas

Opidis solutions support upstream, midstream and downstream operations to improve safety, reduce rework and shorten turnarounds and shutdowns. Recognizing that the Oil & Gas industry has increasingly complex projects with global supply chains and multiple project stakeholders, our tools deliver real-time access to accurate information to support efficient, profitable operations and growing shareholder, regulatory and safety requirements.

Windfarm (002).jpg


Around 16GW of offshore wind is expected to be commissioned globally by the end of 2020. Opidis offers the fast-growing renewables sector: Access to business-critical information at any time, from any location; efficient storage, review and approval of all project documentation at every stage; reduced delays leading to cost and time savings; and gives oversight of project documents across multiple sites.

Construction site


The construction industry is characterized by complex tendering processes, compliance and regulatory pressures and tough penalty clauses for overruns. Projects can be increasingly complex with numerous stakeholders, multiple documents and a sprawling global supply chain. Whether it is the construction of an energy plant, hospital, manufacturing facility or retail chain, the need for effective document control, project collaboration and real-time access to project information has never been more vital.

Nuclear cooling tower with crane


Nuclear operators drive efficiencies by modernizing and automating paper-based document management processes and addressing the tools and complex design files required to achieve the aims of the Nuclear Promise. The safety-conscious sector requires rigorous process management for the access and use of up-to-date records and documentation, ensuring safe and compliant plant construction and operations.

Pipes in engineering plant


The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most heavily regulated. Strict audit trails, electronic signatures and controlled access for all documentation are just some of the requirements needed to comply. With the focus on bringing drugs and medical devices to the market on time and to budget, access to the latest documentation to ensure secure, end-to-end transparency is essential.

Engineers on construction site looking up

Transport & Infrastructure

Transport projects rely on collaboration and communication between multiple project partners to be optimized. To deliver quickly and efficiently, Opidis offers the flexibility required to manage large volumes of data, as well as retrieve that information in a timely, seamless manner. With multiple users able to access documents via the application, teams can ensure transparency at every stage with the ability to access the latest version of a document.

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