Opidis talks technology at flagship USA nuclear conference

Opidis, headed to Las Vegas for the Nuclear Information Records Management Association (NIRMA) Annual Conference last week (4-6 August), and was delighted to join the panel of speakers once again.

Our resident nuclear industry expert and VP of Business Development, Tim Fleet addressed the topic of improving vendor performance by increasing the efficiency of document submittal processes – a key trend in the industry as operators continue to explore innovative approaches to address the challenge.

Tim’s presentation drew on our team’s long-standing position as specialists in using smart technology to transform document management and control, examining the move away from paper-driven processes and suggesting new practices and tools to increase visibility and insight into the document submittals process.

With technology at the heart of the discussion, Tim looked at how digital tech can support a reduction in bottlenecks, prepare for outages and increase overall document control efficiency – all providing an opportunity for nuclear operators to drive change and adopt innovation for the benefit of nuclear records management.

To find out more about Tim’s presentation, visit the conference website here or to learn more about Opidis’ products and services, contact us.